What to expect when you visit us

OsteopathyThe initial consultation takes between 50-60 minutes. We take a detailed case history of your current problem, your medical history and current health. Please bring a list of any medication you are taking.

For the examination it will be necessary to remove some clothing and although a towel can be provided patients may prefer to bring Lycra type shorts and a vest type top to wear. We then go on to examine your posture whilst standing and sitting and ask you to perform some simple movements. We will then assess your muscles and joints and when necessary use conventional medical tests.

After the examination we will explain what we have found and what may be causing your symptoms. We will then explain the treatment we recommend and answer any questions you may have. If we feel we are unable to help we will refer you to your GP or other Health Care Professional.

OsteopathyTreatment varies considerably between patients as their needs can be so different. Treatment involves soft tissue massage, stretching and mobilising joints and sometimes manipulation of restricted joints. Muscle energy techniques involve the patient working with us. Harmonic technique involves rehabilitating the body through functional movement both passively (practitioner lead) and actively (patient lead). Functional technique is a gentle guiding of joints to a point of ease. Manipulation is very effective and when performed by Osteopaths is safe, effective and non traumatic. Traction can be used and because we do not use a machine we constantly monitor the response in the tissues.

Sometimes patients may feel a bit sore within the first 24 hours after treatment but this is normal and nothing to worry about. Some problems are very simple and only require 2-3 treatments but others may be more complicated and will need more treatment.

We may give you an exercise program, give you advice about your posture, how to use your body correctly and how to prevent further injury. Acting on the advice and doing any exercise should help with your recovery.

Follow up appointments last up to 40 minutes.